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(Pocket-lint) - Apple has announced iTunes Radio at WWDC in San Francisco.

The new service, which releases this autumn, is a station-based radio player. It is similar to Pandora Radio, where users can pick songs or albums they want to hear, although iTunes Radio selects songs via algorithms and curates a number of featured stations.

However, users will have the ability to create new stations and rate songs by voting up or down as they stream. The service will also learn users' preferences and subsequently modify stations. It even allows users to see their history so they can find tracks they have previously listened to and enjoyed.

Apple further clarified that iTunes Radio is ad-supported, but iTunes Match subscribers can listen ad-free.

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Apple's much-rumoured iTunes Radio finally unveiled roughly seven years after similar services - like Pandora - first launched. There are a slew of music-streaming options, including Spotify, widely available on multiple platforms, but iTunes Radio will be apart of iOS 7, which also announced at the developer conference, and it's built directly into the Mac and Apple TV.

iTunes Radio will debut this autumn in the US, with other countries following later.

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Writing by Stuart Miles.