Spotify has created a clever embeddable widget for your website which shows the most-streamed or most-shared songs on the service. Think of it a bit like a web-based Top of the Pops, with Spotify showing exactly who is listening to what and by how much.

You can choose to view the most-played songs by country and it's possible to go through different weeks to see how long songs have stayed at the top of charts.

The idea of chart music used to be fairly important, at least when people were still buying physical discs. Hitting the likes of HMV, the first thing you would spot would be the top 50 singles chart. Perhaps Spotify's efforts will bring this back, but online. 

Unfortunately it isn't possible to play the songs directly through the widget. Clicking them will open up a new window which will in turn trigger the Spotify web player to open.

This isn't the first time Spotify has attempted to integrate more directly with the web. You might remember a clever widget it made for Valentine's Day that produced poetry from playlists