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(Pocket-lint) - LG has announced that it will be adding Spotify to the line-up of services accessible through its Smart media products. Many LG Blu-ray players, home cinema systems and other internet-connected devices released in 2013 will be getting the Spotify app from April.

Use of the Spotify app on LG devices will be limited to Premium subscribers, but that's not unusual, as you need to be a full member to use the service on many other consumer electronics kit in the home too, such as Virgin Media TiVo boxes and Onkyo AV receivers.

Spotify will join other content-streaming applications on LG's Smart platform, including BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Lovefilm and Blinkbox. However, there is no word at present on whether the app will also make it on to LG's 2013 range of Smart TVs.


"Spotify wants to be at the heart of the home entertainment experience, so it's a natural fit to make our music service available on Blu-ray players and home cinema systems," said Kate Opekar, Spotify's director, hardware business development, while giving no indication on whether the brand was in talks with LG about TV accessibility.

A Spotify Premium account costs £9.99 a month for unlimited streaming on multiple devices, including mobile and tablet. It also allows for offline listening.

The LG products to feature Spotify from April are:

- BH9430PW
- BH7530TW
- BH7430P
- BH7130C
- BH6730S
- BH6430P
- BH6230S
- BP730
- BP630
- BP530R

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Writing by Rik Henderson.