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(Pocket-lint) - It has been a long wait, but Spotify has finally arrived for Windows Phone 8. This means Nokia Lumia 920 owners can now take advantage of their Spotify subscriptions and listen to music on their mobiles. 

It doesn't vary much from the Windows Phone 7 version, but the crucial thing is, that it is here. So what do you get with Spotify on Windows Phone 8?


Windows Phone 8
Free (with subs)

The app is free to download and instantly shows of its Windows Phone 8 skills with a resizable live tile that flips to show the music you're listening to.

It could be cooler, but is nice to see sitting on the home screen all the same. Inside the app itself, things are very Windows Phone like. Text is big and bright, set against a white background, with three separate menus accessed by scrolling left or right.

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The What's New menu shows you new tracks recently been added to the Spotify library. These can be listened to instantly by just tapping on the album art icon. The bottom of the screen here shows a sharing menu that allows you to send track info by SMS, email and to Facebook. A plus icon will add it as a new playlist.

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The third menu shows what you are currently listening to. Tapping this takes you to the player itself. From here you can share songs, favourite them and create new playlists. You can also turn on shuffle and repeat.

The settings menu has options such as high-quality syncing and to sync or stream over 3G. We will say that the syncing is still a touch irritating. You need to have the app open for it to happen, so syncing your whole music library in high quality is going to take a while.

The app also crashes out sometimes when you highlight songs to download, especially if you have a large number of playlists. Really though, it is simple, clean and easy to use, and the Spotify app Windows Phone 8 needs.

Writing by Hunter Skipworth.