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(Pocket-lint) - In a move that will no doubt save the necks of a few lazy boyfriends and girlfriends on Valentine's Day this Thursday, Spotify has created a clever playlist poetry creation function to send to your loved ones. 

The poetry creator works by searching through Spotify's 20 million-track library and then letting you drag and drop titles to make a poem.

Don't be fooled though, it doesn't create poetry for you. You need to come up with the ideas yourself, which is harder than you might think. Our Valentine poem was less than impressive.

No doubt there are some Shakespeares out there capable of rivalling the Sonnets, but for us (or our girlfriends, we hope), it's the thought that counts.


Spotify has also released details of the most listened to Valentines tracks. Richard Marx’s Right Here Waiting is the most-streamed song of all love-related playlists, closely followed by I Want to Know What Love Is. 

There is also a pair of apps, Felody and Tastebuds, which let you interact with other people with similar musical interests. Who knows, they could be a cheeky way of bringing you together over the same musical tastes.

The playlists you create are turned into a web page, which you can then send to your Valentine for free. He or she will need to download Spotify to hear it, but the poem itself will be sitting on the page and hopefully be exciting enough to tempt them to listen.

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Writing by Hunter Skipworth.
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