Spotify has arrived for Windows Phone 8. The app, which has been missing from WP8 since its launch, allows you to log in and stream music from your Spotify account on your smartphone.

There had previously been hints of a Spotify launch for Windows Phone 8 from a Three employee's Twitter account. The app is now live.

Spotify competes directly with Microsoft's Xbox Music service. It is priced at £9.99 a month, whereas Microsoft's offering is £8.99.

The new Spotify app is rolling out in the marketplace as a beta. It hasn't yet appeared on all of our Windows Phone 8 devices, so you might have  to wait for it to appear in the store.

The app supports offline syncing and follows a similar form factor and look to previous Windows Phone offerings, so shouldn't be an issue for those who are already familiar with it. 

Download it now for a 30-day free trial from the Windows Phone online store.