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(Pocket-lint) - Spotify has stopped the sale of music through its streaming service, Pocket-lint has discovered.

When trying to buy tracks, even Premium subscribers are met with the notice: "We're no longer supporting new download purchases on Spotify." The pop-up window sends you to a FAQ page on the company's support site.

Older downloaded music will still appear in your library and play through the service, although once it meets its expiry date, it is believed you will not be able to play them any further.

"We’re currently not offering new download purchases on Spotify. You can still use downloads you’ve already purchased," says Spotify on the FAQ.

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It also reassures customers with download gift cards that they can still be used. "Even though it’s not possible to buy downloads using Spotify Desktop, you’ll still be able to use your Spotify gift card, as long as it’s one of the cards that features 'Downloads' as an option."

No explanation is given of why the service has suspended or cancelled its music download store.

Pocket-lint has contacted Spotify to find out more, and will report back when we hear.

The streaming side of the Spotify service is working as normal.

UPDATE We've just heard back from Spotify, which has confirmed our initial findings and has suggested that music downloads may return in the future.

"We recently updated Spotify to further simplify the service and pave the way for new features announced at the end of last year," the company told us. "In-app purchases aren't part of this update but we're not ruling out their return. Credits/gift cards already purchased are still redeemable."

It has also been confirmed that the suspension of Spotify's music download service applies to all regions in which it was previously available. The US never got the feature in the first place, so is unaffected.

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Have you noticed anything weird with your existing downloaded Spotify content? Let us know in the comments below...

Writing by Rik Henderson.