Spotify has announced a new set of features for its player which plugs some major functionality holes that have been missing since launch. 

The first, called collections, is a way to manage all the music you listen to frequently on Spotify. Rather than the current clunky method of saving playlists, everything is now saved to a collection.

Think of it more like the iTunes way of doing things, with a proper artist and track management system. We aren't sure exactly how this will change the Spotify mobile app in terms of playlist management and syncing, unfortunately. 

Next is a new discover tab. Coming as part of both the desktop and web player beta, it aims to deliver content via a recommendation engine. Hoping to go beyond the traditional "if you like this" approach,  it offers bios, reviews and other information to explain why such a recommendation was made. These artists can be directly added to your collections.

Finally comes greater social interaction in Spotify. Called Follow, by clicking on someone's name and following them it will list what tracks they are listening to. It goes beyond friends and, a bit like Twitter, allows you to Follow anyone so you can see what celebrities and other Spotify users are listening to. 

Spotify mobile has also had the Follow feature added and includes push notifications which will let you send updates to friends about when new albums or songs they like arrive.

Spotify has clearly just got a lot more social, but the really exciting thing has to be the collections function, which finally gives Spotify fans a better way to manage music.