French Spotify rival Deezer has opened its API to developers in order to build an extensive app service from within its music streaming platform. Much like its biggest rival before it, this will give customers downloadable apps with which to enhance their experiences.

Soon to come will be a new Deezer App Studio, where you will be able to download the apps which suit you, and updates to the service's iOS and Android apps to allow the "seamless discovery of music through friends".

deezer takes aim at spotify with own open app platform image 3

Apps that will be available from launch include Twusic, a social radio platform powered by Twitter sharing; eDJing, which allows you to mix two streamed Deezer tracks; Lalilala, a social singing game that's described as "Draw Something for music"; and Spotizr, that allows you to import your Spotify playlists into Deezer.

Developers are encouraged to submit apps through a dedicated Deezer webpage, where they'll be assessed and, hopefully, approved by the team.

As well as Open Deezer and updates to its mobile apps, the firm has been working on better Facebook integration of late.