Spotify has confirmed that it has released a small beta program that is testing the ability to access the company's huge music collection via a browser, rather than the dedicated software used currently.

"We can confirm we’ve launched a beta version of a Spotify web player that we’re testing with a small number of users," Spotify told news site in a statement. "Potentially, it’s a great additional feature for times you can’t play music through the desktop app, like at work or at a friend’s house. We’ll have more detail on the web player next year."

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The service, which lets you stream music for a flat fee each month, has fallen behind in the technology stakes in recent months compared to the competition, especially when it comes to letting you access your music on computers that aren't your main machine. Offered by services like Rdio, the new feature will let you access music via a browser.

A browser-based player has been one of Spotify's most requested features.

Those keen to get on the beta programme need to sit tight, sadly. Spotify hasn't announced any plans other than it will give more details in 2013. If you are lucky enough to be included, you'll be getting an invite when it's ready.