Sonos has reinvigorated the Spotify app available through its desktop and mobile controller apps. The new version of the music-streaming service is now quicker to use and has enhanced search functionality to allow you to find tracks more effectively.

The improvements are added to recent enhancements to the streaming engine itself. Playing Spotify tracks through Sonos is now a more stable experience. Track information is much faster to access and queue, and playlists load much more quickly than before.

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Searching for artists, albums and songs is now better on all platforms, especially the desktop controllers, where Spotify failed to show up as a searchable add-on in the bar. And New Releases and Top Tracks now open instantly, while your starred content no longer chugs along to load.

All of the new features are available immediately without having to update the Sonos Controller. You will require a Spotify Premium account to use the service on a Sonos system.