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(Pocket-lint) - Spotify is about to become browser based, allowing its subscribers to access the service from any computer without the need to download dedicated software first. That's not to say that the company will be ditching the desktop application - it will still be pushing that as a preferred alternative, but it will not be necessary.

The new way to access Spotify will be offered to subscribers in the next couple of months, possibly as part of a region-by-region roll-out. And it will offer a more limited service than the desktop software provides.

For starters, there will be none of the downloadable apps, such as Virgin Media's recently launched reviews add-on. Nor will there be the ability to play cached music without an internet connection. However, the freedom of logging in from just about anywhere in the world should make up for any absentees.

There will be new features introduced too, including a revamp of the discovery tools. It is being touted that there will be a new way to find people outside of your social group that you wish to follow, in order to check out their playlists.

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As previously mentioned, Spotify is yet to put a timescale on the changes and launch of the browser edition, but many expect it to be this year rather than next.

Writing by Rik Henderson.