Spotify for Android has got itself a new NFC music sharing update as well as a basic, although much needed, EQ. Now you can tweak the way your music sounds from the app settings as well as share albums between devices with Spotify installed.

Simply switch on NFC in the handset's settings menu (in this case a Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy S III) and tapping phones together should cause whatever album you share to pop up in the other phone's playlists. In our case we were trying to transfer albums between two identical Spotify accounts, so it didn't quite work.

spotify for android gets nfc support and an eq image 2

Instead what happened was that while playing songs, Android Beam would pop up. Tapping to Beam would do nothing, so it looks like you can't share an individual track. 

As for the EQ, you get five channels to mess about with as well as a bass boost option and the ability to enhance the 3D effect on headphones. It definitely works and for real audiophiles, who sync all their music at 320kbps, then its a much needed add on to the app.