Spotify users can now start to enjoy apps featuring their favourite artists, giving them instant access to new tracks, playlists and biographies.

Initially there are apps be four just four artists, but the collection will expand over time. So whom have we got?

Well there’s Quincy Jones with his The Stories Behind The Music app. Fans of the trumpeter and record producer will be able to hear him talk about his influences, how his tracks have been used in movies, and playlists put together by the great man himself. 

Ravers might want to download Tiesto’s Club Life app, which charts the latest dance music available through Spotify, offers a track of the week, album of the month and a festival of the month.

The Rancid app will see the band add their own favourite tracks from the punk genre, complete with bios on each of the members of the group.

spotify gets personal with artist app providing insight into our musical favourites image 2

Finally we’ve got the Disturbed app, which sees the band of that name take the user on a historical journey through the rock and metal worlds right up to the present day. 

All the apps will be regularly updated, while new apps from different artists will continually be made available. The current lists of Artist Apps can be downloaded from the desktop client of Spotify.

Have you downloaded any of Spotify's Artist Apps? Let us know what you think in the comments below.