Spotify is launching two new apps that aim to find your perfect partner by matching your playlists and favourite artists with other subscribers.

Do you dream of the day when you might find that special someone who shares the same love of German underground punk-cum-dub step? Just us then?

Tastebuds and Fellody suggest friends and what Spotify calls “potential partners” according to your music tastes.

Tastebuds strips down the artists you listen to most on Spotify, be it via albums or playlists, and finds other Spotify users (who use the app) before introducing you to each other, albeit virtually.

You can filter down your search by designating gender, age and locations before messaging them directly. You’ll then be able to share playlists and who knows, maybe more.

spotify launches apps to help find your perfect partner image 4

Fellody is the second app Spotify is introducing and again uses your playlists. By dragging and dropping a Spotify playlist into the app, Fellody will bring up a list of other people who share your liking for Curtis Stigers (again, just us?) for example.

Find a potential match and you’ll be able to send a "flirt" which could lead to a lifetime of happiness and bad music.

Both Tastebuds and Fellody are available through the Spotify App Finder.   

Have you used Tastebuds or Fellody? What do you think?