Spotify is partnering with Coca-Cola in a move aimed at bringing music sharing to a wider audience.

The soft drink giant will incorporate Spotify into its Facebook page, which already has in excess of 40 million fans.

Here fans will be able to connect with people with similar music tastes, sharing and discovering new tracks and artists.

Coca-Cola will also be pushing Spotify through various ad campaigns and we wouldn’t be surprised to find a Spotify Play Button featuring on Coke’s website in the near future.

The partnership is a major coup for Spotify and cements its place among the big boys.

spotify partners with coca cola and begins work on joint applications image 2

Of course there’s something in it for Coca-Cola too.

Spotify will help Coca-Cola build music-based applications, the first of which will be arriving in conjunction with the London 2012 Olympics.

The announcement came at the Ad Age conference in the US.

No mention of that native Spotify iPad app that’s said to be in the pipeline though.

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