Could a Spotify iPad app finally be on the horizon? Well, yes  - if an image posted on Instagram is to be believed.

The picture shows a screenshot of the app on an iPad along with the evocative “It’s getting closer!”

Despite a Spotify app being available on the iPhone, which in turn can be used on an iPad, Apple’s tablet has no native version.

Spotify told Pocket-lint back in December that a native iPad app was something it was striving for.

From the Instagram image, posted by a technology consultant in Sweden, you can see a toolbar on the left of the screen with icons to Search, What’s New, Inbox, Playlists and Friends options.

There’s no official word from Spotify on when the iPad app will arrive, but judging from the photo it’s very nearly there.

It’s been a busy time at Spotify HQ.

It recently announced the Spotify Play Button that enables blogs and websites to embed songs within their sites allowing Spotify users to play them for free.

Would a Spotify iPad app persuade you to sign up to the music streaming service? Let us know your thoughts.