Spotify has announced a new feature that allows any supported song to be played from a website or blog for free. You'll see the Spotify Play Button pop up regularly from now on, especially on music-centric sites, which can embed a simple player to allow visitors to listen to a song without having to open up the Spotify client itself.

And the best thing is, like embedded YouTube videos, it's completely free for the site and the listener. Well, to those registered to Spotify anyway. Those who aren't will be invited to join and download the desktop client upon clicking the song - including the free subscription.

"Today we’re giving every blogger and web editor the ability to light up the internet with music," said Gustav Söderström, the music-streaming service's chief product officer.

"You want to give your fans access to any song, album or playlist of your choosing and in its entirety, while ensuring people stay glued to your site. The Spotify Play Button does all of this for free, while making sure artists get paid for every play."

The Spotify Play Button is even now fully integrated into the Tumblr dashboard, so bloggers don't have to find the embed code elsewhere. And the company has partnered with other major sites too, including GQ UK, VOGUE.COM UK, MSN UK, the Guardian, Virgin Media, The Independent, NME and Rolling Stone.

How long before sites give you a listening suggestion to go along with each article? Speaking of which, how about a spot of Brass in Pocket (lint)...

What do you think? A good idea or naff? have any better ideas for Pocket-lint songs? Let us know in the comments below...