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(Pocket-lint) - The prayers of millions of Spotify users have finally been answered. No, Stefan Dennis' s1989 hit Don't It Make You Feel Good hasn't landed on the platform but gapless playback has finally been introduced.

This means, when streaming a live album, classical music, a dance mix or any other continuous album, you won't hear an annoying pause between songs. An update to the desktop software means that gapless playback is turned on by default.

The latest version of Spotify also adds a crossfade option (from 1 to 12 seconds) which is handy for any budding DJs or anyone else fancying a bit of mash-up streaming action.

Gustav Söderström, VP Products at Spotify, said: "Gapless playback and crossfade have been some of the most eagerly awaited Spotify features on your wish list.

"Whether you’re listening to Wagner’s Gotterdammerung or The Wonders of the Deep by The Chemical Brothers, this latest update will make Spotify better than ever before. It’s time to get the party started."

The update also brings faster artist browsing, better sorting options, a save-and-restore feature for Now Playing, improved subscribe, buddy list and favourites options, a handy hide-purchase buttons for anyone on Spotify Premium and an easy-access offline mode via the menu.

The new release of Spotify is rolling out now. If you can't wait to be prompted you can download directly for both Mac and Windows.

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Writing by Paul Lamkin.