If you're rocking a BlackBerry and fancy a bit of official Spotify action this Christmas then you're in luck, as Spotify for BlackBerry has left the preview stage and is now a bona fide official product.

We should say "if you're rocking an old BlackBerry" actually - as the only devices that are officially supported at the moment are the Bold 9780, the Bold 9700, the Curve 9300, the Bold 9000 and the Curve 8520.

Exactly. Don't bother wasting your time looking for a 2011 release in that list - you won't find one.

However, a couple of CrackBerry readers have claimed to have got the app up and running on more modern BlackBerry handsets such as the Bold 9900 and the Torch 9800, so you could always give it a whirl on your handset.

Spotify does specifically state though that "currently the app only supports phones running on GSM networks" and that "CDMA-network phones and the Torch 9800 are not compatible", so it might be a bit hit and miss.

If you do get it working you will need to cough up for a Spotify Premium account too - although a Spotify Premium free trial has landed in time for Christmas.

If you are going to give it a go, just hit m.spotify.com to download the free Spotify app.