The long awaited Spotify app for Virgin Media's TiVo platform has finally arrived, meaning Spotify Premium users can now access their favourite songs and playlists on their telly boxes, and better still, through their home cinema speaker setup.

Last month, Virgin Media came clean with the details of the deal, announcing that it would be bundling Spotify Premium deals in with mobile and broadband contracts. Anyone taking out, or renewing, a Virgin Media fibre optic broadband plan will be entitled to 6 months of the music streamers top service - a deal worth the princely sum of £59.94.

For Virgin Media pay monthly mobile users, the offer is for 3 months Premium goodness - an offer worth £29.97. And, if that's not enough, as reported by Pocket-lint back at the start of the month, Virgin Media mobile customers will be able to use Spotify via 3G on their phones without incurring any data charges or affecting the accompanying phone’s data allowance.

Cindy Rose, executive director of digital entertainment at Virgin Media said: "Our goal to deliver a truly unique experience for our customers and we’re really excited about bringing Spotify to our TiVo service as part of our ongoing initiatives to develop the platform further with new features, applications and content."

Andreas Liffgarden, global head of telecom business development for Spotify, added: "What used to be a big cube is now a flat screen connected to the speakers and surround sound system in your home. Since we like our users to enjoy the world’s best music under the best possible conditions, it made perfect sense for us to develop this great Spotify app for Virgin Media TiVo."

The Spotify for Virgin Media TiVo app is rolling out now, you'll find it in the games and apps section of your box.

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