Spotify has announced a "what's next" event to be held in New York on 30 November, just 4 months since the launch of Spotify in the States.

We've been enjoying Spotify for some time here in the UK, but Spotify decided to take its time with a US launch; however with this announcement it highlight a new focus for the company keen to make its mark in a relatively new market.

It's also interesting that Spotify has chosen the week after Google launched its Google Music platform in the US to make the event announcement. And with the recent iTunes update of iTunes Match - Apple's new cloud streaming service, Spotify knows full well that now's not the time to take its eye off the ball.

Exactly what Spotify will be announcing is in no way certain, however an event, and indeed announcement, of this kind might warrant some big news. Movie streaming would be of definite interest to many a Spotify users and its recent team-up with Facebook would certainly make for a massive audience.

Other possibilities would involve a US music store similar to the one we currently get in the UK and Europe or maybe just an app for the iPad.

Stay tuned.