Spotify has launched a new app for BlackBerry users, bringing the on demand music service to millions of new customers around the world.

"We’re excited today to announce our first preview release of Spotify for Blackberry. As our sixth mobile app, Blackberry comes packed with great features to keep you listening to your favourite music wherever you are," the company announced on their official blog.

Features in this release include offline playlists, the ability to create and sync playlists, the chance to search tracks, artists, album and receive music from friends via the inbox

As with all Spotify Mobile apps, a Premium subscription is required in order to stream songs from the catalogue.

The new app will go directly against Research In Motion's own BBM Music service that is still in Beta. The BBM Music service lets users share up to 50 tracks with friends for a flat £4.99 fee. Users are able to switch out up to 25 songs each month. It will be interesting to see if the BlackBerry maker refines or changes its offering to compete more aggressively with Spotify which is offering access to millions of tracks for £9.99 a month.  

The new app is guaranteed to work with the BlackBerry 9780 Bold, 9700 Bold, 9300 Curve, 9000 Bold, 8520 Curve.

Currently the app only supports phones running on GSM networks, meaning CDMA-network phones in the US and for some reason the Torch 9800 are not currently compatible.

The app is available now as a preview for those of you who want to give it an early try and as soon as Spotify has a final, fully tested version it'll release it to the App World.

The news will no doubt be upsetting to Windows Phone 7 users who were promised a dedicated music app for the Microsoft mobile OS in October 2010. So far, a year later, it has still failed to materialise.