Spotify customers can now access their music on a Boxee Box. Users will need to subscribe to the Premium version of the service, and there is a caveat or two to using the new application, but it expands the media streamer from D-Link's capabilities with a true top line content partnership.

A Spotify Premium account costs £9.99 per month, but offers all manner of benefits over the free service (or its Unlimited equivalent). For starters, it is the only package that allows you to play your streamed music on a mobile phone - both on and offline. Additionally, it offers enhanced audio quality, providing tracks that are encoded at a higher bitrate; 320 kbps.

The Boxee Box version of Spotify won't allow you to create or manage playlists (you'll still have to do those on a PC), but it does offer up an excellent looking user interface. And, hey, it's on a Boxee Box - which in itself is no bad thing, right?

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Boxee Box review