If you've had to (like Pocket-lint's Stuart Miles) curb your Britney Spears listening habits on Spotify through fear that your Facebook friends would pour scorn on you, then fear no more - Spotify private listening has been enabled.

Announced by Spotify founder Daniel Ek on Twitter, the feature is part of a new desktop client and is designed to "temporarily hide your guilty pleasures" and works just like your web browser's private mode. Except with less porn.

Hit me baby, indeed.

The move comes as Spotify faces growing criticism from users about its close ties with Facebook. People welcomed the chance to share their listening habits with their social network, but seemingly didn't approve of its decision for new users to require a Facebook account.

Spotify hit back with a statement that read:

"To us, this is all about creating an amazing new world of music discovery. As most of our users are already social and have already connected to Facebook, it seemed logical to integrate Spotify and Facebook logins.

"Think of it as a virtual ‘passport’, designed to make the experience smoother and easier, with one less username and password to remember. You don’t need to connect to Facebook and if you do decide to, you can always control what you share and don’t share by changing your Spotify settings at any time."

Despite the criticism, Spotify has reportedly gained over 1 million new monthly active Facebook-integrated users since the F8 conference.

Now, if you'll excuse us, we're off for a bit of quality time with the Backstreet Boys.