Spotify has confirmed to Pocket-lint that it is doing away with the Spotify Open scheme, the deal whereby you were limited to a monthly playback time of 10 hours and could only play individual tracks 5 times...kind of.

From now on all Spotify accounts will benefit from a "6-month time-limit honeymoon" where you can stream to your PC as much as you like, with adverts.

The trouble is, if you've already been a freemium Spotify user for more than 6 months, you'll not get in on the honeymoon fun.

A statement sent to us read:

"If you’ve had your Spotify Open account for less than six months, you’ll discover that your time cap has gone. And it’ll stay gone until your account reaches its six-month birthday. Enjoy the extra music.

"If you’ve had your Spotify Open account for more than six months, you’ll still be limited by time. As you’ve been with us for a while, the chances are you also enjoyed a six-month period without time limits when you first joined."

Spotify Premium is unchanged. New Spotify users now need a Facebook account to sign-in, following the partnership that was announced at F8 last week.