Some pretty cool Spotify-powered apps could be coming the way of your iPhone or iPad, thanks to the music streaming giant opening its doors to iOS developers.

Libspotify for iOS will allow clever app makers to include Spotify features within their apps. In the long term, this could mean band specific apps with tracks available or festival apps featuring playlists and the like. The potential is pretty massive.

In the short term, we're hoping that it will mean someone knocking up a decent iPad Spotify experience.

"By releasing libspotify for iOS, we’ll allow third-party developers to write applications for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad with Spotify inside and therefore allow more people to enjoy our catalogue of more than 15 million tracks," said Spotify in a statement emailed to Pocket-lint.

Libspotify in apps will be available for Spotify premium subscribers - yet another reason to cough up the monthly fee.