Spotify has finally launched into the US market, bringing the music streaming service that has taken Europe by storm to our cousins stateside. The launch was no secret, but we’re more interested in the listed sponsors.

“Our exclusive launch partners are Coca-Cola and Sprite, Chevrolet, Motorola, Reebok, Sonos and The Daily,” reads the press release.

We already know how Sonos is involved because it's had Spotify integration for us Brits for nearly a year - but Motorola? 

Over at Android Guys, they point to a Motorola release detailing that "Motorola Mobility, Spotify’s mobile device and tablet partner, will be launching a number of marketing campaigns in the coming weeks to offer its customers coveted early access to Spotify’s on-demand music streaming service."

Spotify has a universal Android app already, so exclusivity seems a little thin on the ground as subscribers will be able to download the app to their existing device, whatever the brand. A marketing arrangement it might be, but we can't help thinking there might be more to it - could this be setting the scene for deeper Spotify integration on Motorola devices?

The pricing structure for Spotify in the US sees a direct translation from £ to $, starting with Spotify Free, the ad-supported service for your desktop which will cost you nothing.

The next level is Spotify Unlimited, which will set you back $4.99 a month (£3.10) which strips out the ads and lets you enjoy your music uninterrupted on your desktop.

Finally, for those that want to take music on the move, you’ll be wanting Spotify Premium. This offers you ad-free music, available on and off line on your desktop PC or mobile phone, for $9.99 a month (a bargainous £6.20).

By our quick calculation, living in the US will save you around £45 a year on your Spotify subscription...Us Brits lose out again.

You’ll have to register via the website for Spotify Free and wait for an invite, but you can jump the queue if you want to subscribe.