Spotify has expanded its hardware support with a launch onto the Spotify Squeezebox platform.

The move means that Spotify Premium users can now access all the music goodness that the streaming service has to offer, in 320kbps quality, on Squeezebox Touch or Squeezebox Radio player devices.

"Spotify represents a new breed of music service, offering high-quality, instant access to the world’s music," said Romain Du Gardier, senior product manager for Logitech EMEA.

"Whatever music you like from wherever in the world, Spotify and Squeezebox make it even easier for you to sit back, listen and relax in any room in your home.

"Logitech is delighted to add Spotify to its family of online music services for the Squeezebox product line."

The official release is coming "in the very near future" but in the meantime there is a beta version of the app available now, from

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