Spotify fans are being given the chance to try out the Premium version of the music streaming service free of charge, for a 7-day period.

So, if you ever wondered just how good the phone apps are at streaming the tunes, or fancy some ad-free uninterrupted music sessions, then now is the time to give it a spin.

As well as streaming to your mobile, Spotify Premium also supports downloading and offline listening of songs (3333 tracks maximum) and has enhanced sound quality and exclusive content as well.

In order to access the free-trial registration page, you'll need to sign in over at and enter you payment details. You'll only pay the £9.99 monthly fee though if you fail to log into your Spotify account and cancel before the trial period is up.

Give it a bash and see what you think. And let us know whether the free trial convinces you to sign up full-time.