Spotify isn't shy when cosying up to mobile platforms. And with the news that the music streaming service is hitting webOS, it's only really BlackBerry left to come to the Spotify party.

The webOS version is available now for Palm Pre users in the UK, Spain and France and is a free download. You will, of course, need a Spotify Premium account to get it kicking though.

On your Palm, Spotify can stream over Wi-Fi or your phone's network, and you can also play offline tracks that you've pre-downloaded (a maximum 3333 songs) whilst your subscription is still valid.

“We’re focused on bringing the best applications to our customers”, said Joe Hayashi, vice president of Platform and Tools at Palm, a subsidiary of HP. “webOS is all about helping our customers stay connected, which makes Spotify Mobile a great fit. It lets you stay connected to more than 10 million songs”.

Spotify is in the Palm App Catalogue now. It will work with all Pre or Pixi phones.

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