Sonos has released an update to its firmware, bringing with it the much anticipated Spotify integration.

What this means is that if you are a Sonos owner, who also has a Spotify Premium account, then you'll now have access to the entire Spotify catalogue of over 10 million tunes, as well as access to all of your playlists, without having to boot up your PC.

You can control your Spotify playback via your usual Sonos controller or by using the free iOS app.

For Sonos users this is a brilliant update, and we wouldn't be surprised to see the amount of Spotify Premium accounts to increase dramatically following the official release.

And there could be more exciting Spotify tie-ins coming in the future. When Pocket-lint spoke with the music giant's global head of business development, Faisal Galaria, at IFA, we were told that Spotify was "happy to work with any partner that is willing to put in the same time and work as Sonos has done".

Pocket-lint has already tested out the new functionality after being invited to the beta service. Check out our review to see what we thought.