We at Pocket-lint love a bit of Spotify action; whether you're content to build up a nice collection for your own personal listening pleasure or share with all and sundry via various social networks, it makes for a top-hole music service.

And now Spotify aims to add to its Spotify social element by introducing "Folders".

Basically, it should make sharing playlists that little bit easier by enabling you to drag and drop playlists into the newly created folders. As well as this, it even gives you the ability to create a folder within a folder; such innovation has not been seen since Sir Isaac Newton invented a door within a door, to create the catflap we all know and love.

To create a new folder go to the File -> New playlist folder or click the “+” symbol near the top left side of your screen.

Along with the new Folders feature Spotify has introduced a few other "cool" new bits a bobs. These include:

-Official Spotify Twitter updates will appear for all users in the Feed to keep you up-to-date on all the latest Spotify and music news.

-A new look and feel for the Search view. Artist and album images are shown to make the search view more visually arresting.

-Newly-added picture of playlist subscribers to the header of each playlist, so users can see at a glance who’s subscribed.

-Support for Windows 7 Snap, Jump list and Taskbar features.

-Added “Send to Windows Live” option.

The rollout of the new Spotify features begins 24 August 2010, however if you can't see it yet don't panic as updates will happen automatically as and when - so you'll just have to be patient.

If you've received the update be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments below.