Penguin people rejoice - because Spotify has finally made its way onto Linux.

It's just a preview version for now, and as such is unsupported, and there's no local file support either. Plus, you'll have to be a Spotify Premium user to be able to use it because it hasn't yet got any visual advertising features as of yet. But hey, it's a start and Spotify insist it is a work in progress.

Spotify's Andres Sehr blogged:

"A lot of our developers are using Linux, obviously they want to listen to music while they’re coding away, and looking at the feedback we get it appears that they’re not the only ones. So today we’re pretty happy to present a preview version of Spotify for Linux. 

"Built by our brilliant developers during hack days and late nights, it shares most of the same features as our Windows and Mac OS X desktop applications".

The release is a Debian Squeeze/Ubuntu 10.04 package and is available now.

If you're a Linux user then give it a go and let us know how you get on.