When Steve Jobs first told us about iOS 4 back in April most of the excitement was reserved for the multitasking functionality.

We at Pocket-lint were particularly looking forward to being able to continue to stream Spotify in the background whilst still using other apps on the phone, like we could always do with iTunes.

Well, it's been a long time coming, but finally Spotify has updated its iPhone app so background streaming is now possible. Virtual high fives everyone, come on.

The app, which is free but requires a Spotify premium account, is multitasking compliant in its latest version, 0.4.7. And not only that but there are a few extra features as well including:

- You can now use the headset remote and lockscreen buttons to control playback.

- A "What’s new" tab has been added showing you the newly released albums, the top 100 tracks in your country, and also the social feed.

- You can share your songs and albums to your Spotify friends.

- Battery life should be improved, either when the app is in the foreground or paused in the multitasking bar.

Great stuff we're sure you'll agree. Get yourselves over to the App Store at once and download the update. We knew there was a reason we updated to iOS 4.