Spotify has had a re-jig of its packages and has today announced two new service levels - Spotify Open and Spotify Unlimited. 

Spotify Open is great for people wanting to get involved in the Spotify party who missed out when it was easy to sign up originally. It allows you to listen to 20 hours of streaming tunes a month, with adverts of course, but without the need for an invite. There's no radio mode with Spotify Open, but that's not the end of the world.

Spotify Unlimited is a new premium service whereby you stump up £4.99 a month for unlimited, ad-free, streaming via your computer only. If you want Spotify on your mobile whilst you're out and about, then you're still going to need to pay £9.99 a month for Spotify Premium.

Spotify Open has no offline mode, like Spotify Premium and there's also no access to the exclusive content, such as the new Band of Horses album.

If you're worried that Spotify is planning to get rid of its free service, or at least restrict it, such as with Spotify Open, worry not, because Spotify has said: "We’re really excited to offer more choices for users and existing users who are happy with their current plan won’t be affected by these updates".

In other Spotify news, the service has just launched in the Netherlands, bringing the total nations on board to seven. To celebrate the launch Spotify has added an exclusive track from Guus Meeuwis and Marco Borsato. Now, that may not sound exciting to our UK and US readers, but the Pocket-lint Dutch crew have just collectively punched the air in delight. Buitengewoon!