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(Pocket-lint) - If you've got the Spotify app on your iPhone, you may want to check that you've been updated to the latest version, 0.4.5, in order to take advantage of some brilliant new features.

Last month we told you how Spotify had added a load of new features into its music service, such as support for your locally stored music and a number of social networking elements such as integrated Facebook and an inbox for recommendations.

Some of these social features have now found their way onto the iPhone version including the inbox functionality, where you can receive tunes recommended to you by your buddies, and Facebook and Twitter integration from inside the app, so there's no need to close the app and use Safari to do this anymore.

There's also a couple of other little changes such as the option to search for tracks if they're missing. For example there's no Oasis albums on Spotify as of yet, but there are a couple of tunes available on compilation albums. Years of songs are now shown in artist and album views as well.

There's no news yet as to when these features will be available on the Android or Symbian Spotify apps, but we'll let you know as soon as they are.

In the meantime, be sure to check out our top tips for making the most of Spotify's social makeover.

Writing by Paul Lamkin.