The long-awaited US launch of Spotify seems to be taking shape, as the music streaming service will be possibly going live in the third quarter 2010.

This, according to Bloomberg, has been attributed to senior vice president Paul Brown, who in a recent interview also stated that: "We’re buying server space in random parts of the states and there are licensing discussions too", before adding "But they are going fine because we’re in a long-term partnership with the labels and publishers".

This comes as welcome news to many fans who may have been disappointed by the lack of any confirmation of a US Spotify launch at the recent SxSW festival in Austin Texas.

There is also news of an update to the Spotify iPhone app, which has just made its way over to Apple for approval.

Although seemingly popular, iPhone and iPod users were paying the full-fat £10 a month without the full-fat service, so this update looks as if it'll redress the balance somewhat.

Updates include bug fixes as well as some new features, which include scrobbling, the ability to open Spotify links from Facebook or your browser, the ability to use tracks in your playlists on your device - so no need to sync, and support for listening at 96kbps to allow better streaming on slower connection.

There's even the ability to save and find both albums and tracks with the Starred playlist and buttons, which will be coming soon to the desktop version too.

All this appears to show that Spotify's ambitions, both in the mobile space and the US market, are moving along nicely.

We'll be sure to keep you updated with any more Spotify news, as and when we have it.