Many people who try Spotify find that they rapidly shift all their music listening over to it. As it's often quicker to find a particular track in Spotify than to sift through a huge folder of MP3s, the latter sometimes gets dumped in favour of searching through the giant jukebox in the sky.

But the problem with the giant jukebox is having to work out what to listen to. You can't just stick your entire MP3 collection on random and know that something you like will come up before too long. Enter Spotifind - which aims to solve that problem by scanning your music collection and turning in into Spotify links.

It only works on Windows 7, unfortunately, and it's very slow too - scanning a file every second or so, thanks to the limits of the Spotify API. That means that a full 32GB iPod touch would take the best part of 2 hours to scan, and 11 hours for a full 160GB iPod classic. Once scanned, hitting the "save results" button will build a webpage with links to the matches. It won't build you a playlist, sadly.

You can tweak the accuracy field to see how close a match it has to find. The creator promises that the next updates, depending on feedback, will be support for XP and Vista, support for folder hierarchy and the ability to customise and shrink HTML output. We'd add that building playlists, like Spotibot does, should be on the agenda too.