A designer and developer, Theo Strahlén and John Karlsson, have put together a nifty little app which lets you wake up to your favourite songs on Spotify. Called SpotifyAlarm, it lets you set a particular time and a particular song to be woken up with.

It's been built for Adobe's AIR platform, so if you don't have that installed then you'll need to head over to Adobe's website and rectify matters first. Once you're all set, then there's a small 80kb download, followed by a short install process. When that's complete, you just put in the time you want to be woken, the track you want to be woken to (it doesn't work with albums or playlists), and hit the big "SET" button.

It's cross-platform, thanks to being built in Adobe Air, but we'd kill for a version that runs on our mobile phone. Android handsets can already take Spotify links and play them if the app is downloaded, so there shouldn't be any obstacles. Any volunteers to code it?