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(Pocket-lint) - Another improvement has been rolled out to Spotify recommendations engine Spotibot. The service, which aims to help users find music they like, but just don't know yet, has added Last.fm integration.

What that means is that instead of having to put in a song or band name you like, you can just get recommendations based on your recent listening instead. You just put in your Last.fm account name, or the account of anyone else for that matter, and you can generate a list of 5 to 30 songs that you're going to love. Well, maybe.

If you don't have a Last.fm account, then a little setup is required. Head over to the site, register your details, then input them on Spotify under Edit > Preferences and make sure the 'Enable scrobbling' box is ticked. Then just listen to music as normal, and the next time you fancy something a little bit different, fire up Spotibot, put in your username, and Bob's your father's slightly older brother.

This is just the "recommendations" bit of Last.fm at work. It also has "your library", "neighborhood" and "loved tracks" functionality that could easily be added in the same way, so keep your eyes on Spotibot over the next month or so.

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Update: That was quick! Loved tracks have already been added.

Writing by Duncan Geere.