Speculation is floating around that Spotify could launch the long-promised US edition of its service as soon as 5 January, and that a deal has been reached with the labels that would allow the US access to the free edition of the software which has proved so popular in Europe.

There are also claims that Spotify is in talks with Google over making the Spotify Android app a full part of Android 2.1 (perhaps with adverts from Google?). The software would then come to the US on the Nexus One handset that Google is preparing to launch. Google's apparently prepared to cover the fees to the labels for the users that integrating the app with Android would bring.

However, this is all speculation for now, and TechCrunch claims that the deal has 'gone cold' for now. We've reached out to Google and Spotify to see if either company is prepared to comment on the rumours, and will let you know if they come back to us with anything more concrete.