Mobile network 3 has announced that its contract customers will shortly be able to get access to Spotify for Symbian handsets through the operator's "Planet 3" portal.

The service still costs the standard £10 per month, but the operator says "over 6 months" - which could imply a minimum contract term of some sort. We've asked 3 whether that's the case, and are awaiting a response.

Of course, Spotify for Symbian is already available direct from the streaming music provider's website, this just makes things a little easier for 3 customers to get their hands on it.

Spotify will work on the Nokia 5800, 6220 classic, E63, E71, N86, N95, N95 8GB, N96 and N97, as well as the Sony Ericsson Satio. It also works on Android handsets and the iPhone.

UPDATE: 3 has confirmed a 6-month minimum contract for its Spotify offering, which gets added into your phone bill. Given that subscribing to Spotify through its website doesn't land you with any minimum term contract, you might prefer to do things that way instead - there shouldn't be any difference in the service you get.