According to the latest research from Rajar, personalised online radio services are going from strength-to-strength with 4.5 million Brits tuning in during the month of October.

That's a whopping 55% increase on the same figures from last year, which set the number at more like 2.9 million. That, however, was before the launch of Spotify, which has taken the UK by storm, picking up a couple of Pocket-lint awards along the way.

Use of the BBC's iPlayer and other listen-again services has grown too, but not quite as fast. Interestingly, three quarters of the listen-again audience said that it was having no affect on the amount of live radio they listened to, with half adding they were discovering new programmes through the services.

Less than a million Brits claimed to have a radio that could deliver internet radio, but 8.3 said they'd heard of the concept. Podcast listening was up, though, to 8.1 million UK residents. Of those, however, only 5% had ever paid to download a podcast.

The survey is based on responses from 977 people and extrapolated out to cover the whole of the UK. It's designed to measure listening that the same body's quarterly survey of the popularity of various stations doesn't often cover.