MySpace has announced that its MySpace Music streaming service, available for more than a year in the States, has been rolled out in the UK following launches in Australia and New Zealand.

The service, which features a "personal music management toolset", ad-supported free full-length audio streaming and playlist functionality, also lets users access AAC downloads from iTunes (not MP3s). It has both audio and video content from a range of major label and independent artists.

In the UK, MySpace Music launches with playlists from "a wide cross section of famous music fans ranging from Katie Price to The Vatican". We weren't aware the Pope was a famous fan, but apparently so - his playlist features Muse, Mozart, Dame Shirley Bassey and Tupac.

However, the UK streaming music market has come some way since the launch of the US version of MySpace Music more than a year ago. Facing competition from Spotify, We7,, Napster and Sky, can MySpace really compete? Tell us what you think in the comments.