Sony is making web collaboration easier for its Vaio Pro users by issuing all new Vaio PCs with a special free trial of WebEx.

"The PC has evolved beyond mere data processing and has become an essential means of communication and collaboration", said Jun Koyama, marketing director for Sony VAIO of Europe. "This agreement gives us a much richer offering for our customers, by giving them immediate access to the market-leading collaborative service."

He continues, "Users of Vaio are typically self-employed … without a centralised IT or support department. They are also unlikely to have expensive video conferencing systems or even meeting room facilities, making online meetings an attractive proposition for collaboration with colleagues, partners, or customers".

The most visual result of the deal is that new Vaio TX, BX and some SZ models will have a desktop icon that links directly to the WebEx trial. The trial allows users to launch a one-click meeting so that documents, applications, video, whiteboards, and even desktops can be shared using a phone line and internet connection.

The integrated web cams and microphones on the new Vaio models facilitate web conferences like the ones provided by WebEx.