is starting the long process of offering its customers a chance to replace CDs bought via the online retailer that contain Sony's XCP software.

In a letter to customers the company said that: “Due to security concerns raised about the use of CDs containing this software on PCs, Sony has recalled these CDs and has asked to remove all unsold CDs with XCP software from our store.

"Since you purchased this CD from, you may return it to us for a full refund regardless of whether the CD is opened or unopened. Just visit and indicate that the CD is "defective" as the reason for return”.

The move is just one of the ways that Sony BMG is implementing to get customers who've been unhappy with purchasing the disc with the anti-piracy software embedded on it a clean copy of the same music.

Customers can also go to the Sony BMG site and have a replacement disc sent to them. The company is also offering MP3 downloads once upon receipt and verification that your XCP CDs has been sent in.