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(Pocket-lint) - Sony has announced that it will be launching its own version of Kickstarter dubbed First Flight. This will be exclusively for Sony products.

The idea behind First Flight is to help push new products from Sony while also allowing the public to pre-order new devices.

Initially the platform is for Japanese customers only. It features just three products right now but at least one is pretty hyped already.

The first is the FES E-Ink Watch which we wrote about last November. The second is the MESH Smart DIY kit and the third is an all-in-one remote called the HUIS Remote Controller.

While the First Flight crowdfunding project might seem like a desperate move to make more money, it could be really useful. The FES E-Ink watch was a really cool idea which may never have made it to market. Now it stands a chance.

Of course the question of why Sony can't fund these projects itself does come to mind. Perhaps taking risks aren't something it can budget. But if there's enough interest these projects have Sony's backing and experience to help them actually make it to market. Lots of Kickstarter projects get funding and never end up being made.

Here's hoping Sony's First Flight extends to outside of Japan soon.

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Writing by Luke Edwards. Originally published on 1 July 2015.