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(Pocket-lint) - Camera360 has updated its popular camera app for Android, bringing with it support for the Sony QX10 and QX100 lens-style cameras.

Sony announced that the API would be available for these devices alongside their announcement at IFA 2013 and Camera360 quickly followed-up saying it would be offering such support.

When we reviewed the Sony QX10, we found that most of the problems revolved around the length of time needed to make the connection and the lack of absolute control from Sony PlayMemories for Mobile app.

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Salvation could lie in the hands of third-party app developers who bring innovation to the otherwise good imaging results that the QX10 offers.


Unfortunately Camera360 doesn't really address all of those problems. The connection seems to suffer much the same in that it takes some time to get yourself attached to the Wi-Fi connection and from our time playing with Camera360, it seems less stable than Sony's own solution, often dropping the link.

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The app also doesn't move towards giving you the advanced connection that photographers might want. Although the app offers some advanced options when using your smartphone's camera, this is sadly denied for the QX10 lens camera, simply returning the message that the function isn't supported.

Camera360's additions include the ability to apply its range of effects directly as you're taking pictures. However, all the effects can be applied post-shoot anyway, so it's perhaps of limited value.

If you're a Camera360 fan, this at least means you can use your Sony QX10 or QX100 through the same app, but it's not yet the magic bullet that takes Sony's lenses from expensive accessory, to killer photography essential.

You can download the latest version of Camera360 from Google Play now.

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