Pocket-lint recently flew to Japan to get the inside info from Sony about its TV ranges for 2012 and beyond. And, although it's no surpise that Sony HQ is a haven for all sorts of cool tech, while we were there we had a bit of fun with the firm's ID cards - including reading some of the secret information stored on them using NFC on a Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

The cards offer some pretty neat features. They use a form of NFC, which means that not only will it open doors for you in the company's headquarters, but also feature a whole cashless payment system for employees.

So, if you want to pay for your sushi, there's no need to get cash out, you simply touch the card on to the reader at the till. There's a lot of trust here, because no one is actually monitoring what employees are paying for.

sony japan id badges can be read by samsung galaxy nexus image 2

But the really funky bit was the fact that the food bowls are all tagged too.

When you come to pay, the till knows what you've eaten, and how much to charge you. Even more terrifyingly, the company then tells you how many calories were in the food you consumed. It's a very smart idea, and one we thought was a great way to motivate staff to eat healithly.

But the best bit, for us, came after we wondered if the Sony ID badge was readable via our Samsung Galaxy Nexus, itself equipped with an NFC reader. We touched the card to the phone and bingo, we were able to see some information about the card. It's hardly new, or earth-shatteringly exciting, but it cut right through our jet lag and gave us one of those tiny geek thrills we yearn for.

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